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  • Workshops Offered in 2019

    Orchestral Conducting for the Choral Director

    Mentor Doreen Rao to lead DCINY’s January 2019 Mentoring Workshop

    January 18-21, 2019
    Martin Luther King Jr. Weekend
    Focal Repertoire for 2019 Workshop will be Chichester Psalms by Leonard Bernstein.

    Program Overview

    This program is designed with a progression of increasing exposure and experience. The process starts by working in a conducting lab setting, moves forward with a private lesson and culminates with podium time. We work together in a nurturing and collaborative environment. Conductors receive feedback from the faculty, musicians, staff and their peers. Podium time is videotaped for later study and review.

    Group sessions include score study, working with the Concertmaster of the DCINY Orchestra, discussing the language of the orchestra, Q & A with visiting composers/conductors who will be featured during weekend, and observing choral and orchestral rehearsals for the DCINY performances at Carnegie Hall or Lincoln Center. The residency ends with everyone attending the DCINY performance at Carnegie Hall or Lincoln Center followed by joining the Post-Concert Artist Gala and Dinner.

    During the Orchestral Conducting for the Choral Conductor workshop, you will work in lessons with a pianist and receive podium time with professional instrumentalists. The absence of the choir enables you to focus on the orchestral players and your orchestral conducting. During group sessions, the other conductors may act as a lab choir to provide the choral sound.

    Unique Goals for Workshop

    January 2019 – Orchestral Conducting for the Choral Director removes the singers from the equation so conductors are forced to focus on the instrumentalists. This session is ideal for those wishing to gain more experience working with orchestral musicians and professional players. To inquire about potential late availability for conductors and auditors, contact us at Mentoring@DCINY.org

    Contact Us

    For questions about these workshops, please contact us at 212-707-8566 Ext. 320 or by email at Mentoring@DCINY.org


    Applications are now being accepted on a rolling basis until all spaces are filled. Limited spaces are available at the Mentoring and Associate conducting levels. Details of the three levels of participation, registration costs, and the formal application form are provided here:

  • PDF Application Form

  • If you wish to download a PDF and email it to us, please click the “PDF Application Form” button above.

    Not included in registration: travel to/from New York, accommodations, meals or other expenses. If you need assistance with travel or housing, please phone Artist Travel Consultants at 212-707-8170. (Please do not make any non-refundable or non-transferable arrangements until you receive written confirmation and acceptance from DCINY.)

    Deadline to register for this workshop is October 31, 2018.

  • Faculty

  • Jonathan Griffith

    Co-founder of Distinguished Concerts International New York and Music Director of the DCINY Orchestra. Active conductor, educator, lecturer, and consultant.

    Click here for full bio

  • What’s Been Said About the Workshop

    “Never have I ever had an experience like the Mentoring Workshop … to have such closely attentive teachers who genuinely love sharing what they know for the sake of the students in their care. It was a safe, supportive, and challenging weekend to be certain, but the opportunity to grow as a musician, as a conductor, and to then bring that knowledge back into my choir has already proven to be worth far more than the tuition. I simply cannot say enough good things about the weekend. Truly unforgettable!”
    – Rosemary from South Carolina (2018 Class)

    “The DCINY Mentoring Workshop is a valuable, hands-on experience that every choral conductor working with orchestra needs to participate in. It gives you confidence at the podium. You learn valuable tips and tricks to take back to your group from not only the guest Mentor, but your fellow conductors as well.”
    – Matt from Arizona (2018 Class)

    “If you want a practical and collegial experience without the competitive environment then choose DCINY.”
    – Jeremy from Louisiana (2017 Class)

    “This is one of the best intensive programs out there. The live feedback from high level instrumentalists paired with open discussion with major leaders in our field is rare. If you have aspirations of conducting any ensemble other than a choir – whether that is a pit orchestra for a musical, opera, or an entire oratorio – this workshop is for you!”
    – Zachariah from Iowa (2017 Class)

    “DO IT! It is a fantastic way to network, learn, and refresh your ideas. I did not know much about DCINY before this workshop, but I am certainly impressed and intrigued by the work they do. And the staff (Dr. Griffith, Dr. Meaders) are fantastic teachers and conductors.”
    – Alessio from New York (2016 Class)

    “Do attend! You will meet colleagues who are at all different conducting levels, and you will learn things about yourself and conducting that you might have never considered before!”
    – Lynn from Virginia (2016 Class)

    “I loved the flow and the format of the Mentoring Workshop. I particularly enjoyed the opportunity to converse with instrumentalists and hear what is and isn’t helpful to them from the podium. I truly think you are all doing a great job!! Thank you for your commitment to inspiring a new generation of conductors!!!”
    – Kerry from Virginia (2015 Class)

    “All very organized, much appreciated! I really liked to be able to sit in on the rehearsals and attend the concerts as well. It was putting what we were learning into action.”
    – Tammy-Jo from Canada (2015 Class)

    “This workshop is a safe and encouraging environment where you will learn more than you have ever imagined.”
    – Lauren from Tennessee (2014 Class)

    “The environment is supportive, professional, and well-run. The podium time and interaction with colleagues is invaluable.”
    – Austen from New Jersey (2014 Class)

    “The whole process is brilliant. Working directly with a fine orchestra is a very practical and invaluable experience.”
    – Robin from California (2013 Class)

    “The shape of the workshop from beginning to end was well designed. It started with simple things and got more complex. We were able to grow within the scope of the time together.”
    – Cort from California (2013 Class)

    “The opportunity to work on key repertoire with a small ensemble was of great value.”
    – David from Australia (2013 Class)

    “It is a very worthwhile experience no matter what level you are at. It pushes your limits and facilitates growth within a supportive environment.
    – Kate from New Jersey (2013 Class)

    “The workshop is a unique opportunity for choral conductors to work with seasoned professionals, deepening their understanding of the issues involved in orchestral conducting, and strengthening that understanding with hands-on practical experience. In a mutually supportive atmosphere, conductors gain vital insight into their own work and that of their colleagues.”
    – Michael Adelson, former member of the New York Philharmonic Conducting Staff (2012 and 2013 Faculty)

    “The best way to learn to conduct is to stand up and see what works and what doesn’t.”
    John from Iowa (2012 Class)

    “To have the opportunity to learn alongside my colleagues was the most valuable experience. I loved the one-on-one conducting lesson and gained so much from the time I spent.”
    – Dana from Missouri (2012 Class)

  • Sample Schedule

    (Detailed Schedule Provided upon Registration)

    Travel to NYC during the day before the workshop or earlier. Evening prior – no-host welcome dinner

    FRIDAY, JANUARY 18, 2019
    9:00 am – 10:00 amCheck-in, introductions and discussion of goals for the workshop
    10:00 am – 12:30 pmIn depth score study and conducting lab session
    12:30 pm – 2:00 pmLunch Break
    2:00 pm – 7:00 pmPrivate lessons
    2:00 pm – 4:00 pmConducting lab session (when not in private lesson)
    SATURDAY, JANUARY 19, 2019
    9:00 am – 12:30 pmScore study and lab sessions with piano
    11:00 am – 2:00 pmPrivate lessons
    12:30 pm – 2:15 pmLunch Break
    2:30 pm – 4:15 pmQ&A and conducting lab session DCINY Concertmaster Jorge Avila and discussions about working with the orchestra players
    2:30 pm – 5:00 pmPrivate lessons
    SUNDAY, JANUARY 20, 2019
    9:00 am – 11:00 amConducting lab session with piano. Prep for Podium Session.
    11:00 am – 12:00 pmQ&A with composer featured on the weekend’s concert
    12:00 pm – 1:00 pmLunch Break
    1:00 pm – 6:00 pmPodium Session with string quartet
    6:00 pm – 10:00 pmOptional: Observe DCINY Orchestra rehearsal for weekend’s concert
    MONDAY, JANUARY 21, 2019
    8:00 am – 12:00 pmConducting lab session with chamber orchestra.
    12:00 pm – 1:30 pmLunch Break
    7:00 pm –Optional: Attend DCINY concert performance
    9:00 pm –

    Optional: Attend the post-concert reception
    TUESDAY, JANUARY 22, 2019
    Travel home or stay longer in the city

    *Sample workshop schedule, subject to change.

    Sample Photos

  • IMG_1776

    Conversations with Jorge Avila,
    DCINY Concertmaster

  • IMG_1777

    Private lesson and personalized instruction with faculty member

  • IMG_1778

    Lots of podium time throughout the residency

  • IMG_1779

    Group discussion, score study, analysis and practical training

  • IMG_1780

    Work with string quartet of professional orchestra musicians from DCINY orchestra chamber

  • IMG_1781

    Work with professional string quartet from the DCINY Chamber Orchestra

  • For questions about these workshops, please contact us at 212-707-8566 Ext. 320 or by email at Mentoring@dciny.org.