Adam Diamond

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  • Marketing & Promotions Assistant

    Adam Diamond is a student from Troy University in Troy, AL. who studies Graphic Design and Music Industry. During his studies at Troy, Adam was fortunate to participate in various extracurricular studies. He was involved in the Sound of the South and POPulus, Troy’s marching band and music industry ensemble, as a saxophone player. As his studies progressed, he found himself working in various roles for the record label that manages POPulus, Ilium Records. His positions as Lighting Engineer, Director of Artist and Repertoire, and Vice President of Marketing and Communications created a passion for the music industry and a spark to learn more about promotions of musical events. While working at DCINY, Adam is excited to learn more about marketing and promotional strategies while working with a professional team and sharing his passion with DCINY.

    In the Summer of 2019, Adam worked with Music City Drum and Bugle Corps, a drum corps based in Nashville, TN, as a part of their Media Team. Throughout the Summer, Adam traveled throughout the east coast, documenting the lives of the participating members and their daily activities. He managed their social media while also creating professional photos and videos for distribution.

    Adam is also a professional freelance photographer specializing in creative portraiture. He has created his own photography business, Adam Diamond Photography, with self-created branded promotional material. Adam’s work can be seen displayed at the Troy University Huo Bao Zhu gallery and the Johnson Center for the Arts in Troy, AL.

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